Laser range sensor RS485 4 20mA GLS B40 RS232 high precision distance measuring module in ABS Sensor from Automobiles Motorcycles

Laser range sensor RS485 4 20mA GLS B40 RS232 high precision distance measuring module in ABS Sensor from Automobiles Motorcycles
Laser range sensor RS485 4 20mA GLS B40 RS232 high precision distance measuring module in ABS Sensor from Automobiles Motorcycles
Laser range sensor RS485 4 20mA GLS B40 RS232 high precision distance measuring module in ABS Sensor from Automobiles Motorcycles

Product Specification

Measuring Range: .

Sensor Type: Photoelectric

Sensitivity: .

Repeatability: .

Resolution: .

Hysteresis: .

Linear: .

performance parameter
Nearest distance
The furthest distance [indoor]
+ 1mm
Resolving power
response time
Optical parameters
Visible red
Laser grade
Class II safety laser
Laser wavelength
Spot diameter
5m - 4mm; 10m - 8mm; 50m - 28mm*14mm; 100m - 40mm*25mm
Laser lifetime
Please do not gaze at the beam, avoid contact with the laser, according to the EN 60825-1:2003-10 standard
Electrical parameters
input voltage
DC +7... 30V
Operating current
About 30mA
Digital output
Mechanical parameters
Instrument size
Shell material
Protection grade
working temperature
-5 DEG C... +45 C
Storage temperature
-10 degrees... +60 C
High precision laser displacement sensor GLS-B40+ is a laser ranging sensor specially developed for tunnel deformation monitoring. The characteristics of water resistance, stability, small volume and convenient installation are fully considered.

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If the sensor detects a hold in a part instead of going to out of range the sensor will hold the last known good value for the amount of time set by the user.

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The laser class 1 sensor comes with an innovative and user-friendly operating ... across the entire operating range; IO-Link - a future-proof interface that meets the ... 30 μm. 0,6 mm, 8 pin with RS485. FT 55-RLAM-800. Laser. Laserklasse 1 ...

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Lanbao high-precision laser ranging sensor is intelligent, sturdy and convenient. Intelligent: The sensor can perform gain-control by itself, that is, self adaptive control and optimization according to the reflectivity of the target, ... RS485 (1).

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8.1 Connecting the OTT Parsivel2 to the RS-485/USB interface converter. 22 .... The size range of measurable liquid pre - cipitation particles is ... The theory behind the OTT Parsivel2 is a laser sensor that produces a horizontal strip of light .

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Laser displacement sensors are non contact by design. Because of this ... sensor needs to stay in contact with the object, making them ideal for ... USB to RS485.

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LASER DISPLACEMENT SENSOR. Content: ... Measurement range of 0.15 to 200 m. - Linearity: ±3.9 ... Digital outputs: RS232, RS422, RS485, SSI, Profibus.

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